Transplant: High School Spiritual Explosion 2015 (Photo Blog)

Last week, our high schoolers trekked into the mountains of Green Valley Lake for Spiritual Explosion. Not only was it a fun-filled three days, but they were able to experience God’s love in a new way. These photos are just a taste of that experience.

Transplant: Spiritual Explosion 2015

Spiritual Explosion When we think of explosions, we often envision fireworks or other loud and spectacular visuals. The lights and sounds accompanying explosions aren’t easily forgotten. At Spiritual Explosion, we hope to accomplish the same lasting impact on our students – a life changed by the spectacular presence of God. Every year, middle school [...]

Experiencing The Harvest Crusade: A Reflection From Mr. Lee

This year, the Southlands blog will periodically feature voices from across campus. Students, faculty, and staff will share their thoughts and have a chance to share their heart with the rest of the Southlands family in this space. This week, Campus Pastor Steve Lee shares his perspective from a weekend trip to the Harvest [...]