iFly with 8th Grade

Our 8th-grade students had the opportunity to skydive with winds of up to 100 mph at iFLY in Ontario. They learned about air and fluid dynamics in a S.T.E.M class and viewed the effects that wind has on basketballs, water, people, and whiffle balls. #iFLYOntario #Science #8thgrade #STEM To check out videos from their incredible experience, [...]

The Teacher Talent Show

National Honor Society hosted a fundraiser to help "Achers of Love" build an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.  With many children living on the streets, this organization desires to give home, food, and clothing to 50 orphans by 2018.  For two weeks, students voted for the teacher they wanted to see sing, dance, or play an [...]

Questions to ask at a College Fair

Happy November! It is officially time for high school seniors to get in college application mode. Even if you’re not a senior, it is never too early to think about where you want to go for college. The best way to find out the right college for you is to ask questions--the right ones. [...]