Southlands Spotlight: Rose Fu

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    Southlands is a place with many students from different cultures, and we see this as an opportunity to reach the masses. One of our students who come from Xi’an China has been serving not only her classmates, but her teachers as well. We want to take a minute to highlight our very own, Rose Fu!

    When thinking of someone who is genuine and striving for greatness, we think of Rose. She is a 12th grader who found our school through a family agent and now sees Southlands as a source of spiritual support.

    Coming from Xi’an China, Rose was never introduced to Christianity, so being part of bible classes, chapel and high school retreats allowed her to see the love of God in a way she would have never expected. When asked about her favorite things at SCS, she responded with explaining that she loves the effort shown by both teachers and students. She also shared that our teachers, along with our students, have a goal to love one another, and they never seem to stop fighting towards that mission.

    One of the main reasons we decided to highlight Rose was because of the transformation she went through. Rose seemed to have acquired Southlands’ heart and decided to start taking part in our leadership programs. She was chosen to be part of both our ASB and NHS programs, which she quickly excelled in. We share these things to showcase her heart for people.

    Rose describes Southlands as a melting pot of many cultures due to the variety of students from different countries. She sees this as an opportunity for both our local and international students to experience new cultures, along with being guided in the right direction.

    One of her favorite memories from her time here at SCS was going to Spiritual Explosion. She enjoyed the sermon because it was a message that really resonated with her in her own life. She was amazed at the number of students who were worshipping and sharing their testimonies. She felt like she was part of a family through all of these activities and memories.

    We would like to thank Rose for having a heart to serve, and for stepping out of her comfort zone for the sake of others.


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