Meet Our Staff: Mrs. “Tippy” Berru-licon

Our teachers and staff here on campus are exceptional, which is why we love to share who we have as part of this family. Allow us to introduce to you one of the teachers on campus that goes above and beyond when it comes to serving our students. Mrs. Berru-licon is definitely not a [...]

Meet Our Staff Mondays: Mr. David Gantt

Words and photo by: Matthew Herrera We are bringing M.O.S (Meet Our Staff) back, so why not start off with someone awesome? This week, we would like to introduce Mr. Gantt! He started working for Southlands in 2012, and integrated with our family so naturally. He discovered Southlands through a friend who worked in [...]

MOS: Meet Our Staff Mondays (Mr. Cronk)

Words by Ashley Kim Photo by Nick Huang This Monday, we would like you to meet middle school teacher Mr. David Cronk. Mr. Cronk has been teaching for 20 years, and this is his fourth year at Southlands Christian Schools. Mr. Cronk teaches many subjects, which include Advanced ELL Bible, Advanced ELL Reading, Intermediate [...]

MOS: Meet Our Staff Mondays (Mrs. Harvey)

Words by: Ashley Kim This Monday, we would like you to meet Mrs. Rachel Harvey, who teaches middle school science and history. Mrs. Harvey studied history in college because she believes “it is important to understand our past so that we do not repeat our mistakes.” This is Mrs. Harvey’s fourth year teaching at [...]

MOS: Meet Our Staff Mondays (Mr. Raven)

Words by: Ashley Kim Photo by: Nick Huang This Monday, we would like you to meet Mr. Mario Raven, our TK-8th Music Teacher. This is Mr. Raven’s first year teaching at Southlands Christian Schools, but he has been teaching music for over 10 years. “Every day is a party,” Mr. Raven said, when asked [...]