Southlands Middle School Arts

Art is about seeing different perspectives, effectively communicating ideas, and finding inventive solutions to problems — all essential skills for future leadership. That’s why art is a key facet of a Southlands education. Art is not extra: art is part of almost every aspect of campus life. With multiple art electives to choose from, our students talents are never lost on a subject they don’t either enjoy or excel at.

Visual and Performing Arts

Southlands Middle School Arts

Fine Art

Fine art classes expose students to a wide variety of different art genres. Students will learn a brief historical view of the genre and have the opportunity to practice the art in class. The top students in the class are selected to compete in an annual art festival.

Southlands Middle School Arts


This class offers students opportunities to join a group of musically talented young men and women. Students will learn how to play many of the percussion instruments. There are several opportunities throughout the year to perform in various venues. Students in the music class also learn choir songs and how to sing in different ranges.

Video Production

This course offers students the opportunity to learn how to be like their favorite director for a year. They will be taught the basics of cinematography and movie composition, employing the use of iPad minis, camera rigs, and their newfound acting skills. They will learn the basics of camera angles and storytelling, but more importantly, will become well-versed in the immense responsibility that film carries with it. They will be guided in guarding their hearts and other’s hearts, while learning how to exhibit and implement Christian ethics and morality in the films they create.

Student Spotlight

Southlands Middle School Arts

Our students have won a number of awards in Regional art competitions, including Best of Show.

Southlands Middle School Arts

The art classes available focus on digital art, basic figure drawing, illustration, painting, and sculpture.

Southlands Middle School Arts

Students have excelled in their art education, with some starting from no art background and others advancing to perfect their skills.

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