Preschool Handbook

This handbook contains important information about our school including rules, policies, and procedures that have been established to ensure a safe and effective environment for learning and growth. We ask that you read this thoroughly.

Preschool State Forms

As a licensed preschool, we are required to give you access to current and available state forms. These forms can be viewed online, picked up in the preschool office, or filled out by hand during the registration process.

Developmental Resources

Additionally, we have provided some resources to further your knowledge regarding developmental milestones and what each child learns at each age.

Afterschool Resources

Southlands Preschool Resources

Lights On Learning is here to help your little ones in their transition to school! Our caring and professional tutors work off of teacher recommendations to provide personalized support for your child. We help students practice and build routines, habits, and skills necessary for classroom success. Come by our office today to learn more!

Office: Building A1
Hours: 2:30-7:30pm
Phone: 909-366-9339