Southlands Christian High School’s instructional program is college preparatory and designed with rigorous academic standards and expectations in order to prepare students for admission at the best universities. Courses at Southlands Christian High School are University of California approved and part of the a-g course list.

Courses are divided into the following designations:

College Preparatory- Courses are designed to prepare college-bound students for academic standards that are required at the college level.

Honors (H) – Courses cover advanced material and require higher academic rigor. Students who demonstrate strong academic ability through their grades and teacher recommendations can enroll in honors courses. Honors courses earn a weighted score on student transcripts.

Advanced Placement (AP) – Courses are approved by the College Board, offering students the opportunity to take college level courses and receive college credit. Curriculum, assignments, and tests are typically steeper in academic rigor and require more from students. Advanced Placement courses earn a weighted score on student transcripts.

Highlights And Statistics

College Preparatory
AP Courses Offered
Students Enroll in AP Courses
Average Class Size


Teacher/Student Ratio


Community Service Hours

1 to 1

Counselor/Student Ratio

College Acceptance

  • Acceptance Rate

  • UC Acceptance Rate

  • Accepted to Top 100 Universities


Up to $5.7 Million in Scholarships Offered!

Advanced Placement

The AP program at Southlands Christian High School consists of 22 courses across multiple subject areas. Each AP course is designed to equip students for earning college-level course credit in a high school setting. Courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who are trained to teach each AP and prepare students for their yearly AP examinations.

The College Board lists the following outcomes as rewards for students that enroll in AP courses: (1) Stand Out In College Admissions, (2) Earn College Credits, (3) Skip Introductory Courses, (4) Build College Skills*

*Information taken from

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

1. AP English Language
2. AP English Literature & Composition
3. AP Calculus AB
4. AP Calculus BC
5. AP Statistics
6. AP Human Geography
7. AP European History
8. AP US History
9. AP Microeconomics
10. AP Macroeconomics
11. AP US Government

12. AP Art History
13. AP Psychology
14. AP Biology
15. AP Environmental Science
16. AP Chemistry
17. AP Physics 1
18. AP Physics C; Electricity and Magnetism
19. AP Physics C; Mechanics
20. AP Spanish
21. AP Studio Art; 2D Design
22. AP Studio Art; Drawing

AP Enrollment

Students enrolled in AP Courses (compared to 33.2% in US Public Schools)

English Language Development

The English Language Development program (ELD) consists of a personalized learning track to meet the needs of English learners. This includes smaller class sizes to enhance teacher/student interaction and specialized credentialed instructors. Placement testing is administered to students with potential English learning needs and students are then placed into classes by the appropriate language level. Any student who is determined by the administration to benefit from this track will be required to enroll in the ELD.

The program is designed to develop academic English so that students are prepared to be successful in college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement coursework. There are five different placement levels that students may be placed in: Beginning ELD, Intermediate ELD, Advanced ELD, College Preparatory SDAIE, & College Preparatory.

Placement testing occurs prior to academic placement and re-testing occurs at the end of each semester. Students have an opportunity to advance a level in the ELD program at the end of each semester based on their performance in the following areas: (1) Language Assessment Score, (2) GPA earned in the current placement level, (3) Student motivation and discipline in the academic program.

Southlands High School Academics

Language Assessment

The iTEP Slate is the current test that Southlands uses for language assessment and testing.

For students who wish to become more familiar with the exam, click on the link below:

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