Southlands High School Resources

Below, you will find access to the forms and resources you need in order to carry out and complete your registration, sign up for field trips, and any other important events that may come up during the school year.

Handbook, Course Catalog, & General Info

This handbook contains important information about our school including rules, policies, and procedures that have been established to ensure a safe and effective environment for learning and growth. We ask that you read this thoroughly. The Course Catalog provides information about the path necessary to graduate, college requirements, and courses offered at Southlands Christian.

Uniforms and Books

You can purchase uniforms and books for the upcoming school year by click the links below.

Advanced Placement Classes

For the coming 2023-2024 school year, students in AP classes will be required to complete summer assignments prior to arriving in the fall. For further information and to download assignment PDF’s, click the button below.

Additional resources for AP students can be found in the section below.

Language Assessment Resource

The iTEP Slate is the current test that SCS uses for language assessment and testing. The following resources are available for students who wish to become more familiar with the exam:

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