Southlands High School Athletics

Southlands High School Athletics

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Our Mission

Our mission as an athletic program is to build and grow men and women of integrity. Integrity in this context is making great decisions in the face of fear regardless of who is watching.

Our vision is to win CIF Championships.

Our program is built on five important concepts that we believe will help accomplish our mission. Southlands Christian Schools has a long tradition in sports since the school began in the late ‘70s. Over the past decades, the program has grown to offer more sports, and has seen various league championships and titles won.

Southlands High School Athletics

Southlands Difference

We have the privilege of being able to provide very individualized coaching for our students. We enjoy our small coach-to-athlete ratio as that ensures that no one slips through the cracks. Our coaches focus on each student to grow them into better athletes, better students, and better leaders. Our coaches are involved in the student’s lives to ensure their success both on and off the field.

CIF Athletic Teams


Boys Football (Varsity & JV)

Our Football program is in the season of “Setting the Foundation”. We know that in many areas of life the foundation is the most important piece, when trying to build something great. We believe that high school students are setting the foundation for their adult life during this time period. We would love to be apart of pouring into your son, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are intentional about creating a family like atmosphere on and off the field. One way we accomplish this is with our team slogan “BuyIn.” We want the kids to “BuyIn” to something greater than themselves. Anyone can accomplish a goal for themselves, but it is so much more rewarding to pour into the lives of those around you, especially those who may not be as talented or as popular as you. If we are of the same mind in being united, becoming a family, and loving one another with a selfless heart; I believe we will win on and off the field.


Our mission is to build men of integrity and our vision is to win CIF championships. Every player wants to win but no one wants to win more than this coaching staff. We prepare our student athletes to be disciplined and focused on their individual roles in the team, while understanding how they fit into the goals of the offensive and defensive coordinators. Our coaches have played both professionally and in major colleges. They know what it takes to be successful yet still have a desire to learn and grow their craft.

Finally I believe as the head coach of this football team that only those things you do for Jesus Christ truly matter. I am adamant about showing by word and deed what it means to be a Christian and regardless of a student athlete’s religious background my hope is that they might see our football program as a safe haven for love, trust and leadership.

Osaar Rasshan
Head Football Coach

Girls Volleyball (Varsity & JV)

There are no words to describe the excitement and anticipation I have for the Southlands High School Volleyball team this year! I’m believing for a year that’s not only full of wins, growth and fun, but also a year that matures and develops girls into better people, athletes and students. As someone who believes that there is ALWAYS room for growth, I hope to create an environment that brings out the best in girls by continually pushing them out of their comfort zones. I believe it’s when we are courageous enough to step outside of our comfort zones that growth is inevitable. We should always be expanding and growing in every area of our lives because healthy things grow! As a Coach I am committed to creating a healthy environment that not only allows the team to flourish but also the individual.

As a Coach I am committed to being an example of character, integrity and Christ as I consistently show up week in and week out prepared, excited and overflowing with vision and love for this team. I am committed to growing this team as athletes but more importantly as people as I create an environment full of love, support and encouragement. As stated before, I am beyond excited for what this season holds and look forward to seeing what God has in store for the Southlands Volleyball team!

Co-Ed Crosscountry

Our vision in cross country is to help develop runners both physically and mentally. We are not just a cross country team, we are like a second family that cares and desires to see you be successful both on and off the field. We train to run races that are on average 3 miles long. At first it may seem hard at the beginning, but the more you practice the easier and more fun it becomes. We participate in cross country invitationals and compete against many different schools. Every year we participate in the San Joaquin League Finals.

Girls Cheerleading

The Southlands High School Cheerleading squad is kicking off its first official year this year and we are very excited. This program will teach team building, grow character, as well as develop athleticism. The girls will be pushed to develop Christ-like character and high qualities of leadership. Throughout the year they will be held to high standards.

This program will be bringing together a group of girls and creating a united team. My vision for this team is that they will love, challenge, and support each other. Our purpose will be to create and encourage spirit within the athletic department as well as the school body as a whole. We will serve as the “Spirit” leaders of the campus, by spreading enthusiasm and demonstrating sportsmanship on and off the sideline. The team will cheer at all football and basketball games, but it will also show support to all athletic teams.

Looking forward to a great year in athletics! We’ve got the SPIRIT!


Girls Basketball (Varsity & JV)

“commitment, character & eXecution” or simply put “ccXc”

These are the standards, based on Romans 5:3-5, that the girls basketball program at Southlands Christian builds upon on and off the court. Our players and alumni learn to commit to every moment with their very best attitude in order to have hope in receiving what is set before them spiritually, academically, in leadership and through the craft of basketball. We also teach and practice these standards throughout the season with team bonding, recreation outings, volunteer projects and an annual winter retreat.

The Southlands Christian Girls Basketball team looks forward to the possibilities as well the challenges of each upcoming season. The program aims to improve on one of their best seasons in twelve years that posted a second place finish in the Express Silver league, a playoff berth, three all-league nominations and bringing home coach of the year during the 2015-16 CIF basketball season.

Boys Basketball (Varsity & JV)

“Vision: Our basketball program strives for excellency, commitment, hard work, and development one day at a time. We want to create a community of students who will mature spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually.

Our goals are to have students build relationships with Christ, be successful in their educational aspirations, prepare athletes for collegiate competition, and win league and CIF championships. However, our ultimate goal is to give God the glory in all circumstances because he is worthy of all our praise and worship.

Our vision is to not try to be better than somebody else, but to never cease trying to be the best that we can be in all circumstances of life.

Ephesians 3:20-21

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Boys Soccer

Our mission is to develop young men who are equipped to be the best they can be, in soccer, in their friendships, in their schoolwork and becoming prepared for the future. Our vision for the program is to win CIF Championships, and to continue creating a team that has depth and deep skillsets. Teamwork is vital for us, and we know that a team cannot win with just one man.

The coaches are committed to the team, and the players are also expected to be equally dedicated. We welcome you to join our team, and we are excited to see where this new season will bring us. We have been competing with many other schools in the Greater Los Angeles area, and can’t wait to work together to achieve something greater than any one of us.

Girls Soccer

The goal and mission of the Southlands Christian High School Girls Soccer Program is to develop young women who are transformed by Jesus Christ on and off the field.

Our vision for the program is to work toward CIF Championships through training girls to work hard, to be committed to their team and their responsibilities, to grow and improve in their skill, to work as a team to win games, and to display strong character on and off the field. We expect the members of this team to be committed to each other. That means being at team events (practice, games, team meetings, etc.), being on time and prepared, meeting their academic goals so that they are eligible to be on the team, giving their full effort in every practice and game, communicating with teammates and coaches, and being respectful at all times. We expect that the members of this team will conduct themselves in a respectful way with all those whom they interact with.

This team is a family. We will love each other, even when it’s tough. We will push each other to be the best we can be on the field, in the classroom, and in life. We will constantly try to improve, encourage each other when we fall short, and seek to play soccer in a way that glorifies God. We will work hard at everything we do. We welcome anyone who loves soccer, wants to be part of a team family, and wants to give 100 percent day in and day out.


Boys Baseball

Here at Southlands Christian Schools we have been given the opportunity to receive the highest level of education. Our desire is to honor that gift with a full commitment of hard work, integrity and loyalty. We strive to become one big family focused on becoming champions of character and faith. While our vision is to win CIF championships our mission has a far greater reach. We are an international school with the ability to reach the nations. Therefore our athletic goals will always play servant to our hope of impacting the world.

Boys Volleyball

Our volleyball team is tight group of players who are coached to excellence in sport, and excellence in character. They focus on the fundamentals of the game, from spiking and serving, to defense and advanced plays. They look forward to the many games that they play all around Southern California. Playing Volleyball at Southlands provides a unique opportunity to be part of a tight knit team, to be challenged physically, and to get to compete in area wide competitions.

Girls Softball

Al Valenzuela

Co-ed Track & Field

We strive as coaches and athletes to grow in our faith and commitment to Christ first, then our athletic advancements second. We are a competitive team with high expectations based on effort and individual improvement.

Our team is a great way to make new friends, experience competition, and grow into more successful young men and women. Joining our team is a great way to have fun, to become faster, stronger and more explosive!

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