Southlands Spotlight: Sage Vargas

Southlands would like to highlight a student that lets his actions speak for himself. This week, we would like to introduce senior, Sage Vargas. Sage found the Southlands family through a close family friend. After engulfing himself in the culture of SCS, Sage pointed out that the people who make up the school are [...]

Meet Our Staff Mondays: Mr. David Gantt

Words and photo by: Matthew Herrera We are bringing M.O.S (Meet Our Staff) back, so why not start off with someone awesome? This week, we would like to introduce Mr. Gantt! He started working for Southlands in 2012, and integrated with our family so naturally. He discovered Southlands through a friend who worked in [...]

MOS: Meet Our Staff Mondays (Mr. Cronk)

Words by Ashley Kim Photo by Nick Huang This Monday, we would like you to meet middle school teacher Mr. David Cronk. Mr. Cronk has been teaching for 20 years, and this is his fourth year at Southlands Christian Schools. Mr. Cronk teaches many subjects, which include Advanced ELL Bible, Advanced ELL Reading, Intermediate [...]

Southlands Highlight Video

At Southlands Christian Schools we are proud of the wide range of programs that we provide to further the education of our students. We a short video which highlights a number of subjects taught here, and a few notable teachers and activities. We hope you enjoy it.

Preschool Graduation 2015

Graduation season was in full-swing last week at Southlands. Along with our exciting send-off to the high school seniors, we also witnessed our pre-school students becoming big kids and moving on to kindergarten! We've got a few photos here, but think you should check out Facebook for more!

Celebrating Excellence in Academics

Southlands is a school that emphasizes excellence in the classroom. The college preparatory program is designed to give young people the skills and tools they need for successful post-secondary studies. It is a joy for us to watch the students grow and progress as they study at SCS year after year. In order to [...]

OneHope and the Southlands Connection

As many of you may already know, Southlands Christian Schools entered into a unique and exciting partnership with OneHope this year to bring their interactive game Incredible Islands to our campus. They recently sat down with our Director of  Elementary Chapels, Mrs. Holly Duncan to discuss how our collaboration has been going. Here's an excerpt: “Initially I was [...]

Announcing “Incredible Islands”

We are pleased to announce that Southlands Elementary has partnered with One Hope to introduce “Incredible Islands,” an interactive game that will integrate closely with our Bible classes and provide a fresh learning experience for your children. Check out this video, which sheds some light on this exciting news:

Southlands Christian High School National Honor Society

Eleven new members were inducted into the Southlands Christian High School National Honor Society on Wednesday, February 19th. These students were chosen by the Faculty Council based on their Character, Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Honor. They are to be congratulated for this special recognition. Naomi Chien Jayson Djuhana Shannon Halpin Elin Kang Esther Kim [...]