Meet Our Staff: Ms. Celine Sino-Cruz

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    A team player is someone who constantly finds ways to support his/her team.

    Southlands Christian Schools has been so fortunate to have that type of team player for the last 25 years. This month, we would like you to meet our very talented and our very spirited Ms. Celine Sino-Cruz!

    Meet Our Staff: Ms. Celine Sino-Cruz

    Meet Our Staff: Ms. Celine Sino-Cruz

    Ms. Sino-Cruz became part of the Southlands family 25 years ago.

    She didn’t start off at Southlands as an employee, though. She started off as a student entering the 9th grade but little did she know that this was only the beginning of a significant chapter in her life and the life of Southlands.

    As she reflected, she made it a point to acknowledge that the factor that makes our school so unique is the people that work at SCS. Whether it’s a staff member working in and out of the offices or a teacher in a classroom, they make this place a one kind environment for all who walk in.

     Ms. Sino-Cruz started as a student, but she quickly became a camp counselor, yearbook advisor, then a teacher, and currently serves as a graphic designer for our marketing department. 

    Her favorite memories while being here at Southlands Schools includes the times she was an art teacher. She remembers the moments when her students would grasp new concepts, or when they would just talk about life.

    It means so much hearing from alumni that go on to pursue art in college and share their new projects with her as well.

    When asked about the impact Southlands has had on her life, she replied by expressing the difficulty of correctly expressing her answer through words. Southlands has always felt like home to her. Everyone here is ready to either lend a helping hand or have a shoulder to lean on.

    This was the very place that fostered Ms. Sino-Cruz’s relationship with God, which adds that much more to what Southlands means to her. 

    It’s hard not to get excited when a new life is added to the book of life. The one piece of advice Ms. Celine would leave to our students is a simple encouragement to get involved in our school. Join a club, go to our events, join our leadership programs, or just be more engaged in class. You will not regret it. 

    Stay Southlands Strong!

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    Celine Sino-Cruz