Meet Our Staff: Mr. Jose Martinez

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    Any school, company, or organization has a set of people working backstage making sure that everything is running smoothly. These are individuals that rarely get recognition. We are very grateful for them and they are truly a vital part of the Southlands family. It is such an honor and privilege to introduce this month’s subject for our MOS blog, Mr. Jose Martinez.

    We were blessed to have Jose join our SCS family back in 2008 after he was introduced to us by a friend. He loves how Southlands is different in the form of friendliness. Everyone, from the parents to the staff members, is always so kind and serving. His favorite moments on campus are when the students say hi or thank you to him. When asked about times he’s seen God move, he immediately responded by saying he sees God move through the high volume of prayer that takes place on campus. Whether it’s staff members or students, he loves seeing our community be prayer warriors. His favorite events are any that include worship, and we don’t blame him. There is a sense of peace and power when worship takes place on campus. Jose loves and appreciates this school for the countless opportunities it has offered to him and to so many more.

    At Southlands Christian Schools, we are big on building tomorrow’s leaders today, and Mr. Martinez’s advice for our young leaders is to dive headfirst into their studies and never cease to pursue God.

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    Celine Sino-Cruz