Southlands Spotlight: Spiritual Impact Week

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    The purpose of these Spotlight blogs is to shed light on amazing moments or events here at Southlands Christian Schools. This month’s spotlight feature is “Spiritual Impact Week.” 

    Southlands Spotlight: Spiritual Impact Week

    Southlands Spotlight: Spiritual Impact Week

    We had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Holly Duncan, TK-8th Chapel and Christian Development Director, a couple of questions regarding this amazing event that took place last week.

    What is Spiritual Impact Week?

    Spiritual Impact Week is a week set aside early in the year where we focus on bringing the message of the gospel to our entire elementary school. We have carefully planned daily chapels and guest speakers, some of whom are annual guests and friends! The students look forward to this each year with anticipation.


    What do you personally love about this week and why?

    This is my favorite week! Although it requires a lot of preparation and extra work for me, I love it!  It is truly my delight, joy, and privilege to minister to these students. They have hearts toward God and I love being able to speak the Word of God into their lives and to arrange for other specifically chosen people to do so, as well.

    How are you tackling this special week with our students at home? 

    We are using Zoom and it has been wonderful! Our teachers have trained our students and families well on using the program, and we are worshiping, praying, and even having salvation occur over Zoom! God is not limited because we are meeting virtually! 

    Do you have a favorite memory during a prior Impact Week?

    This year will always be a special memory because we had 99 commitments to the Lord after the gospel was presented! How do I know? – because of the chatbox! We used the Zoom chatbox to indicate the response to the salvation message and the chatbox filled with responses! Such a sight! I will never forget it!  

    Do our Eagles take any leadership roles during this week? 

    Yes! I have a Disciple Team (grades 4-6) who help in leading the meetings. They serve as emcee, as a prayer leader, for scripture reading, etc. I am happy to give them opportunities to lead their classmates! Southlands is raising up leaders even during chapel!  

    How can we better support this week as parents?

    Great question! I would love for parents to pray for this week – for this week and actually for our weekly chapels. They are powerful times together and even virtually, God is moving.

    Pray for students’ hearts to be open to the ministry and teaching of the Word of God, for the speakers to minister effectively and for God’s anointing to be upon them.

    Pray for these students to grow in their faith daily and to hunger after the Lord and to walk in His ways. We are grateful for prayer support. 

    Can you give a testimony (no names mention) of a child who has been transformed by Spiritual Impact Week?

    I can think of a particular student who got saved during this week a few years ago. Her life has taken on such a passion for God and she desires to share the gospel with others who do not know Him. I see her constantly pursuing truth and further understanding. I am inspired by her! This is just one specific student and situation. God meets these students in chapel. Lives are changed and His Kingdom is expanded – truly! It is a powerful thing that happens weekly.   

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