Meet Our Staff: Mrs. Lauren Cancio

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    Get to know Mrs. Cancio – Our Southlands Christian Schools Online Principal.

    How did you find Southlands?

    I found Southlands through my husband who was a 2009 SCS Alumn. He loved his experience at the school and truly was impacted by the caring and loving teachers and staff!

    What makes Southlands different and unique?

    I feel that the love and care that Southlands staff, students, and families share with one another is what makes us so different and unique. No matter who you are or where you come from, God’s love is here for everyone! 

    What is your favorite memory while working here on campus?

    My favorite memories working at Southlands are playing the staff versus students’ volleyball game during spirit week and spiritual explosion. It is so much fun building unforgettable memories with one another and seeing students experience God’s love and presence first-hand. 

    How has Southlands impacted your life?

    Southlands has impacted me to “keep the main thing, the main thing”. I am constantly reminded that God and His love are at the core and forefront of everything we do at SCS, and it has been a cornerstone of how I desire to live my own life. 

    Name a time you saw God move on campus.

    I was teaching an English lesson, and one of the focused themes were loss and grief, and I was able to share with my students that death does not have the final say in our lives because Christ overcame death. I was able to have all of my students close

    their eyes and think of loved ones or areas in their lives that they have lost someone or something, and Gods ‘presence moved so deeply. I had students crying out to God for comfort and love, and it was life-changing to see what God can do when we let Him take full control. 

    What is your favorite event on campus and why?

    My favorite event on campus is spirit weeks! I love seeing all of the students dress up, create fun memories, get involved, and have an opportunity to create a deeper sense of community. I love seeing students grow in confidence in who they are and choose to love themselves and others fearlessly. 

    Love God, love yourself, and love others. Love is the universal language that all human-beings speak, and no matter if you are a Christian or not, loving well will only produce life and possibilities that you can never imagine.

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    Celine Sino-Cruz