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    Southlands is a huge family, and we love to see our former students come back as teachers. This month, we would like to introduce our very own Mr. Miguel Medina.

    Here are a couple of key questions that will help our Southlands community get to know this month’s subject.

    How did you find Southlands?

    Mrs. Marla Holbrook introduced my family to Southlands 25 years ago and I was enrolled in the preschool. 

    What makes Southlands different and unique?

    Southlands is different because of its family atmosphere. I have been loved, cared for, educated, and now employed here. It is a part of my family. 

    What is your favorite memory while working here on campus?

    My favorite memories while working on campus is being able to work alongside people I have known for most of my life. Marla Holbrook, Fran Blackschleger, Mary Sherrif, Sue Yoon, Rosie Pack, and Stacy Nunez instantly brighten my day when I see them on campus. It’s amazing to know they’ve known me since elementary school, and they are now my amazing coworkers.  

    How has Southlands impacted your life?

    Southlands educated me for over 10 years. I often point to when I attended Spiritual Explosion in middle school to where I truly understood what it meant to be a follower of Christ. Southlands gave me my first ever job as a summer camp counselor. After I graduated college, Southlands gave me my first opportunity as an educator as I was a substitute teacher here in 2016. This is now my fourth year here as a teacher. So I guess the question is, how HASN’T Southlands impacted me! 

    Name a time you saw God move on campus.

    Witnessing the Baptisms here on campus is always such a powerful testimony to how God is active within our campus. 

    What is one piece of advice you would give to our students?
    Take a break from your screen, go for a hike, and read your Bible! 

    What is your favorite event on campus and why?

    My favorite event is taking the middle schoolers to Ironwood camp! I’ve seen students really open up and ask deep questions about God while we’re at camp.
    Thank you, Mr. Medina! We are blessed to have you as a teacher building tomorrow’s leaders today.

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    Celine Sino-Cruz