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    Dear Southlands Parents/Guardians,

    Safety is a priority at Southlands Christian Schools. The Administration at SCS would like to share some important safety information that pertains to our parking lot at the Rowland Campus.

    The following safety procedures are being implemented for the safety of all students who are being dropped off or picked up from our Rowland Campus:

    – All staff will utilize the church parking lot across the street in order to give parents/guardians priority during peak pick up/drop off times.

    – The drive-through area is for the loading and unloading of students only. Vehicles will not be allowed to park in this area. Please encourage your student(s) to come quickly after school if they will be picked up at the drive-through.

    – Middle School & High School students will be asked to wait in the bus stop area (turn around/drive-through area) for their parents/guardians to pick them up.

    – Basketball Courts – Basketball courts will be closed after school until 3:45pm. This will encourage students to wait at the bus stop area rather than “playing or hanging out” at the courts.

    – Parents who need to walk onto campus to pick up their child(ren) should utilize the parking lot.

    – Blue Lines in Parking Lot – Students should not be walking through our parking lot without their parent/guardian. Parents/guardians with small children should take them by the hand when crossing through our parking lot.

    – Please do not leave your children unattended around your vehicle were they can step out or run into traffic. Small children are not easily seen by cars backing out of parking stalls.

    The Administration of Southlands Christian Schools would like to thank you all for your courtesy and participation in abiding by these safety standards. Thank you for making SCS a safe place!


    Southlands Christian Schools Administration

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