African king visits Southlands Christian School

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    African king visits Southlands Christian School

    African king visits Southlands Christian School

    Southlands Christian Schools proudly welcomed to its campus His Majesty King Iguru I of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom of Uganda, Prince Rukidi of the Mitego Kingdom, and the king’s Royal Secretary on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

    The King and Prince are in the US as guests of Arche’ International, a nonprofit organization that helps transform communities into self -sustaining entities. The King is investigating programs to improve the education and health of his people in Uganda. The purpose of the visit to Southlands was to gain knowledge regarding the school’s Overseas Division and online accredited diploma, which enables students to earn an American college-preparatory high school diploma without having to leave their local school. With SCS Overseas Divisions’ unique curriculum and program model, students in other countries are able to prepare themselves academically and linguistically to attend some of America’s most prestigious universities.

    School representatives said it was their sincere honor as a school to host the King’s visit, and they are delighted that he would consider this program as a benefit for his people.

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