Homecoming 2012

Royal Court
Senior King & Queen: Michael Li, Vivi Tan
Senior Prince & Princess: Chris Park, Mike Hong, Eddie
Zhou, Marlisse Holbrook, Sammy Lin, Sophie Yoon
Junior Prince & Princess: Allen Ye, Kristy Chen
Sophomore Prince & Princess: Joseph Kim, Ellaine Xue
Freshmen Prince & Princess: Gabriel Agudo, Pollyanna Xue

Congratulations to our Homecoming Court! 

At Southlands we have a proud tradition of crowning a King, Queen, Prince and Princesses to our Royal Court. Thursday, in the gymnasium, we had our coronation. Last year’s Queen, Alice Pai, was here to bestow the honor upon the Court. We also welcomed back our Alumni to the Homecoming Dance, Starry Night, Friday evening. Thank you to all the alumni who came to celebrate with us.


Homecoming 2012


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