OneHope and the Southlands Connection

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    As many of you may already know, Southlands Christian Schools entered into a unique and exciting partnership with OneHope this year to bring their interactive game Incredible Islands to our campus. They recently sat down with our Director of  Elementary Chapels, Mrs. Holly Duncan to discuss how our collaboration has been going. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Initially I was concerned that I’d have to do a lot of tech stuff, plus I have a lot going on and I’m involved in so many things that I couldn’t take on something super labor-intensive,” Holly said. Seeing how it worked, though, Holly had an idea to use Incredible Islands to support the curriculum they were using in Bible class at the school. So far, it has proven ideal for the elementary Bible teachers because they can easily coordinate the stories, verses, and Quests to reinforce what they’re teaching in a classroom. They’re also using Incredible Islands to support the school’s focus on a character trait each week.

    To read the rest, including comments from our Elementary School Principal, Sue Yoon, and second-grade teacher Marla Holbrook, be sure to check out the full post. Thanks, OneHope, and Incredible Islands!

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