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    Happy November! It is officially time for high school seniors to get in college application mode. Even if you’re not a senior, it is never too early to think about where you want to go for college. The best way to find out the right college for you is to ask questions–the right ones. Asking these questions over the phone or e-mail has its benefits, but nothing beats having a face-to-face conversation with a college representative.

    This is exactly why Southlands is hosting its annual College Fair tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 2. Representatives from various colleges and universities will be present to answer any questions. As a student, it is your job not only to show up to the fair but also to be prepared with the right questions to ask. As with any interview, good questions will lead to good answers. Our hope is that these answers will help you narrow down on your college choices.

    The following questions have been compiled by Southlands teachers. We put ourselves in your shoes and asked, “What are some questions we wish we would have asked when we were high school students preparing for college?”

    1. What are the most popular majors on your campus?
    2. What kind of activities should I be a part of in high school that can make my college application stand out?
    3. I am thinking of majoring in ____________. Can you tell me more about how this major
    4. How would you describe the students at your campus?
    5. What are some concerns that students have about this college?
    6. What do students like most about your college?
    7. What are the most popular extracurricular activities on campus?
    8. What financial aid is available for me if I attend your school?
    9. What kind of scholarships are offered for international students?
    10. What is the culture like among the students and faculty members?
    11. What are the weekends like on campus?
    12. As an incoming freshman, how easy is it to get into classes I want?
    13. Which academic departments are the best?
    14. How are roommates matched up?
    15. Is there a particular housing option you think would be a good choice for me?
    16. What is the most compelling reason for me to enroll here?
    17. Are there any major construction projects planned for the next four years? Are there any other big changes coming that I should be aware of?
    18. What issues are your students passionate about? How actively engaged are they in those issues?
    19. How’s on-campus living?
    20. What health services are offered on campus? What do students do when they get sick?
    21. What is your college most proud of?
    22. What are some college traditions?
    23. Who are some notable alumni or faculty members?
    24. When is a good time to visit your campus?
    25. What should I do when I visit your campus?

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