Southlands Spotlight: Easter Sunday

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    Easter Sunday can mean a lot of different things depending on who you talk to. To some people, it means having an egg hunt, painting eggs with festive colors, or simply having a grand family meal together. At Southlands, it has a very distinct and important meaning to us. This month, we would like to put a spotlight on a very special day, Easter Sunday. 

    Southlands Spotlight: Easter Sunday

    Southlands Spotlight: Easter Sunday

    Photo by Thanti Nguyen on Unsplash

    The world is currently faced with a sickness that brings along fear, anxiety, and even depression. We are surrounded by facts and statistics about whether things are getting better, or getting worse. At times it seems overwhelming because everyone is consumed with this topic. Some people are even beginning to lose hope. People seemed to be faced with uncertainty but among all of this chaos we as believers were given a reminder just recently. A reminder that even though the world is going through so much, we have a Savior that defeated death by dying on the cross and resurrecting three days after. In a time where things seem uncertain, we always have our Lord and Savior who is constant and perfect.  

    There is still victory throughout all the highs and lows that the world can bring. That is the God we serve.

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