Meet Our Staff: Miss Jessica Duncan

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    Having different perspectives on any matter allows for a clearer understanding. For this month, we would like to highlight an amazing teacher here on campus that has had different roles over the years We would like to present our very own Miss Jessica Duncan.

    Meet Our Staff: Miss Jessica Duncan

    Meet Our Staff: Miss Jessica Duncan

    Before she was ever a fourth-grade teacher, Miss Duncan was a student at Southlands. During her time as a middle school and high school student, she decided to volunteer during our summer camp as a counselor. Once she graduated from SCS, she then became an elementary teacher’s aide. After graduating from college, she was hired on as our 4th-grade teacher. 

    Miss Duncan is known for having a great attitude, which is why it’s easy to believe that her favorite part of working at Southlands is the amount of friendliness she is welcomed with every day on campus. She receives warm welcomes from not only our staff but from our students and parents. Aside from feeling loved by everyone on campus, she describes our students worshipping as “heartwarming and a blessing”. 

    Miss Duncan is a blessing to everyone who passes by, and we are truly blessed to have someone as vivacious and as loving as her.  

    Stay Southlands Strong!

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    Celine Sino-Cruz