Elementary Speech Meet 2012

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    Southland Speech Meet 2012

    Southland Speech Meet 2012


    This year we were proud to send 27 of Southlands’ best elementary orators to participate in the annual ACSI Speech Meet.

    Each student was required to recite a Bible verse, poem, fable/folklore, dramatic Bible prose, or patriotic oration. The ACSI Speech Meet is designed to provide opportunities for students to speak to the audience.

    This encourages students to have the confidence not only for public speaking but for excellence in articulation throughout their lives.

    Three outstanding students from the 5th grade, Jessica Alano, Nathan Ornelas, and Connor Taylor, participated in the “Original Speech” category,

    which required them to write, memorize and present their own speech.

    At each event, all of our students gave exceptional performances – earning 24 blue “Superior” ribbons and 3 red “Excellent” ribbons overall.

    Great job SCS students!

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