Hometown Heroes

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    Hometown Heroes


    Ever wondered what it is like to be a firefighter? Now is your chance! Southlands has been invited to bring along five students to take a tour of the fire station and eat lunch with all the firefighters of Fire Station 118 in the City of Industry.

    We will select one student from each grade (1st-5th) through a drawing. To be entered in the drawing, each classroom will have a two-week citizenship competition. Every day from Tuesday, February 21—Thursday, March 1, each teacher will select one exemplary student to enter into the drawing. The student’s name will be written on a raffle ticket and submitted in their grade’s drawing box. On March 2, we will draw the name of one student from each grade during our Friday opening!

    Students! Make sure you are on your very best behavior in order to be a part of this amazing opportunity!

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