Meet Our Staff Mondays: Jolynne Martlaro

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    We’ve all heard that Southlands is like a family, and that is true! There are many people on campus that make that sentence come to life, and one of those individuals is Mrs. Jolynne Martlaro.

    She’s known by many as being joyful, caring, funny, and a servant. These are some of the many character traits that Mrs. Jolynne exhibits on and off-campus. She found our SCS family 28 years ago and started blessing our campus as our Preschool secretary. Her favorite memory at Southlands is going to all the different events for both her daughter and son and seeing them grow up. Mrs. Jolynne also shared that she loved seeing all of our staff come together over the years and becoming a close-knit community. One of her favorite events we host here on campus is Grandparents Day. She finds so much joy in serving everyone and helping create memories for all of our students. She especially loves seeing students walking around campus and holding hands with their grandparents.

    When asked about what advice she would give our family, she expressed, “Regardless of your day, God is always next to you. Start your day with a goal of kindness. Be aware of all the goodness God has put around you. Worrying about the bad doesn’t keep it from happening, but it stops you from enjoying the good. Choose to be happy.”

    Aside from being immensely kind, she is also known on campus for being an amazing cook. You are definitely missing out if you haven’t tried any of her dishes. Her favorite dish to make is taquitos because it reminds her of her own birthdays when her mom would make them with love.

    If you ever need to be encouraged with kind words or a smile, make sure to visit Mrs. Jolynne.

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