STEAM – A Pathway to College Success

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    STEAM - A Pathway to College SuccessSome high school students are blowing off ‘steam’ by choosing to be future-minded and goal-oriented. High school students at certain private schools in Southern California are engaging in the STEAM program to prepare for their future.

    STEAM is an acronym and an interdisciplinary approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.

    This is a highly demanded program that many prospective parents and students are looking for.

    STEAM programs are highly sought after due to how all five of these interdisciplinary subjects best prepare students for the future jobs that will be available to them after completing their degrees. Universities and various educational institutions are looking to accept students that have 4 skills that indicates college-readiness: collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. All 4 of these skills are key pillars that are at the foundation of STEAM education due to the project-based learning and interdisciplinary learning that takes place within this program at Southlands Christian Schools.

    “Many employers are looking for graduates who can think critically and drive innovation in their respective field. Critics of the STEAM [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] model point out that much of it is designed to get students “good jobs” without preparing them for jobs that don’t exist yet. By putting together elements of the humanities [the arts] with STEAM courses, students will be better equipped to come up with and share ideas, no matter which career they end up pursuing” . Public and private schools in Southern California are seeing a need for students to be able to be innovative creators in their career paths especially with the international job market. The international job market is competitive, and it is calling for well-prepared and highly-trained individuals, and STEAM in the classroom would make this a reality.

    An Engineering teacher at one of the best private schools in Southern California will be teaching a PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Introduction to Engineering Design class that will introduce engineering as a profession by using a common approach to the solution of engineering problems while using the engineering process.

    He claims the following: “I think that these engineering classes are extremely beneficial. This is why I got my degree in physics because it applies mathematical principles into real-life situations. Now with engineering, here is more or less a problem that we can now solve by using the basic principles of physics and mathematical knowledge in order to construct something that is innovative in our world”.

    He continued to emphasize the importance of these 21st-century skills that are available in the STEAM program at Southlands Christian Schools, one of the best private K-12 Christian schools. This new STEAM program will be offered this 2019-2020 school year at Southlands Christians Schools. This school is desiring to prepare its students to not just be college-ready but ready for their future.

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