Meet Our Staff: Mrs. “Tippy” Berru-licon

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    Our teachers and staff here on campus are exceptional, which is why we love to share who we have as part of this family.

    Allow us to introduce to you one of the teachers on campus that goes above and beyond when it comes to serving our students. Mrs. Berru-licon is definitely not a new name. She found the SCS family back in 2012 through a job opening on Edjoin.

    Working and serving at this school for 6 years has given her an insight into what makes Southlands unique. She believes that the heart of the school is what makes this institution one of a kind.

    Mrs. Berru-licon is someone who is very intentional when it comes to integrating faith in the classroom, even when teaching math. She loves being able to get to know all her students, which is why she integrates a non-math related question into her lesson. She is known for lending her ear to students, mentoring them and walking beside them as they walk through life. Sharing about her own faith and how God brings her through any hardship is one of her ways of sharing the Gospel.

    If you didn’t know already, Mrs. Berru-licon’s husband suffered from a back injury, which left him immobile and in severe pain. She had to carry the workload, and keep her husband encouraged. Through this, she saw God bring her and her husband closer together, which ultimately made their marriage that much stronger. She is so intentional about pursuing God on a daily basis, which is why Psalms 34:4 serves as a very important verse in her life.

    The advice she would give is to seek God, and to understand that there is nothing more important in life than that.

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