Meet Our Staff: Stacey Nuñez

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    You might have heard this many times, and it’s true to this day- we are a family here at Southlands, and no one exerts as much love and school spirit as our MOS subject for this month’s blog. We would like to introduce the famous Stacey Nuñez!

    Stacey first applied for the student services department as a counselor, after being recommended by the principal at that time known for being loving, kind, serving and having a lively attitude.

    All of those character traits allowed her to transition smoothly from working as an elementary TA, substitute for all grade levels and now, as our front office representative. Mrs. Stacey (as everybody knows her) interacts with parents, students, staff, and visitors on a daily basis.

    Mrs. Stacey, along with her family, are “bought-in” into the Southlands community. She has both of her children here as students, along with a supportive husband who is beginning his sixth year of coaching varsity football.

    Having her whole family as a part of SCS is why she sees Southlands as a second home. Mrs. Stacey’s favorite events on campus are those that include the whole school community. She loves seeing everyone coming together as a unified school to support each other. After spending 23+ years as part of the SCS family,

    Mrs. Stacey is notably known for dressing up during school events, and she enjoys showing off her school spirit. You will always find her going all out during spirit week or homecoming week. It is easily noticeable that she has a genuine love for not only Southlands but for everyone and anyone who walks through this campus. If you see her around campus, make sure to wave and say hi. Mrs. Stacey is ready to greet you with a hug and a grand smile.

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