Meet Our Staff: Mrs. Holbrook

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    This month we wanted to highlight a teacher who has been with us for 27years.

    Mrs. Holbrook is known for being loving, charismatic, and stellar all around. We would like to introduce our very own Mrs. Holbrook. She found the SCS family through her sister-in-law who had her own son at Southlands.

    Mrs. Holbrook was finishing up her credentials at APU and felt called to teach in a Christian school.  She especially loves when we have baptisms on campus because it’s a time where our students support each other. Mrs. Holbrook has a genuine love for her students, which makes her perfect for this position. 

    Southlands loves to host events with everyone involved, so it’s not a surprise to see Football games and our Open House as one of Mrs. Holbrook’s favorite events. She loves seeing the school spirit and the hard work our students give in the classroom and on the field.

     Mrs. Holbrook has a specific moment that seems to have a special part in her career as a teacher. She remembers a certain student having behavior issues throughout the school year, but this student kept visiting as the years passed by. As the student kept visiting, Mrs. Holbrook would see God transform her little by little. To make a long story short, this student went to graduate from UCLA and became an attorney. As a teacher, your heart is filled with joy when you see your former students not only become successful in their careers but become men and women of God.

    Mrs. Holbrook looks forward to this year as she is always trying to become a better teacher. She can’t wait to see her new students and see her former students grow. If you see Mrs. Holbrook, make sure to give her a hug and ask her about the Oregon Ducks.

    As always, stay Southlands Strong!

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