Southland Preschool Students are Making Progress

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    We’re proud to announce that our preschoolers are making tremendous progress. Watching these little ones grow and develop into healthy, young children is such a joy! To ensure that we are helping the children as much as we can, SCS Preschool conducts comprehensive progress evaluations in November and April of each year. This month, the Preschool teachers will be conducting assessments to get a clear understanding of how the children are progressing and which areas of development need more attention.

    In addition, the results of the evaluation will help parents understand.

    Where their child is in terms of emotional, social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development.

    This will help everyone involved to make adjustments to the way we approach teaching and caring for the children. At the end of November, teachers will share their evaluations with the parents at Parent-Teacher conferences.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to help these little lambs of God.

    Continue to develop into the precious people that God has created them to be.

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