Southlands Spotlight: Christmas at SCS

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    Christmas is such a big part of American culture, but it’s an even bigger part of our Southlands Christian community. We are celebrating our Creators’ birthday and praising His powerful name. This month we would love to put the spotlight on our annual Christmas concerts.

    We have three different concerts that showcase our Preschool, Elementary/Middle School, and High School. Each concert is filled with wonderful performances ranging from singing to our students playing beautiful instruments. It is not only a chance for our students to showcase their talent but a chance to worship the birth of our Savior. Watching these performances is such a joy. You can see the passion behind these kids. There is also a beauty in seeing our kids step out of their comfort zone and grow as young leaders while performing in front of their friends and family. Our staff loves seeing our students year after year just growing in their musical abilities and in their confidence. 

    Southlands is a high ranking private school, but not for our academics alone. We, as a school, believe that it is our responsibility to bring out the best in each child. With that in mind, we really do see these concerts as a way to build up our students in other areas aside from academics. We encourage every student to be a world changer, which is why we raise our eagles to be well-rounded individuals. 

    Videos from our live stream are available for viewing on our Facebook page. @southlandscs

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    Celine Sino-Cruz