Meet Our Staff: Robby Hilton

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    We have some amazing talent here on campus! We have teachers that not only have a talent in what they teach, but a passion coupled with that. This month, we would love to introduce our very own Mr. Robby Hilton. 

    He blessed Southlands Christian Schools with his amazing personality and talent about 14 years ago when he was recommended by some of our former music teachers. He was initially hired to teach math and physics, but quickly took the lead and has taught almost every level of math. On top of that, he also taught computer science and became the Choir Director. His job is to teach, but he doesn’t stop there. He genuinely cares for his students, but the literal proof is seen within his students. There is a genuine love for everyone in his classrooms that is seen even after the student’s graduation. Aside from teaching, he also took it upon himself to run the Music Club, Robotics Team, and Worship Team. Something we all love about Mr. Hilton is that you can expect whatever he does to be done with complete excellence. 

    He was blessed with the opportunity to see God move in a student’s life when a complete transformation took place. This student was seen as a “goof-off” at first and had to leave Southlands due to his low grades. After his junior year of high school passed, he came back to visit Southlands. The reason behind this visit was more than just to say hello. He wanted to let everyone know that having to leave Southlands was a turning point in his life and that he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

    Mr. Hilton is known for being personable, which is why it’s not a surprise when we found out that his favorite part of Southlands is the people he gets to work with, both students and colleagues. He is currently looking forward to directing his first musical this Spring, which is taking place April 3rd & 4th, 2020. 

    Make sure to say hi to Mr. Hilton when you see him on campus

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    Celine Sino-Cruz