Southlands Spotlight: Connor Taylor

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     Southlands would like you to meet Connor Taylor, who will be a senior this upcoming school year.

    Connor has been at Southlands since first grade, and has excelled not only in academics but in athletics as well. He’s known by his peers as being kind, patient, driven, well-mannered, and a man of faith.

    He finds joy in this verse because it reminds him that God has a plan, and is always by his side to help us through anything.

    Aside from being a great student in the classroom, he is also our High School Football team captain for the second year in a row! Connor’s goal for this season is to see his team “come together as a family and play as a team.”

    His personal goal this year not only as a student, but as ASB vice president is to be “someone on campus who can help other students by sharing experiences and things learned from being at Southlands.”

    As an encouragement to all of Southlands this year, Connor offers these words and wisdom, “Always give your best effort in everything you do. Take advantage of all the opportunities that this school provides for you and no matter what happens, trust in God to help you through everything.”

    If you see Connor, make sure to give him a high five, and as always…… STAY SOUTHLANDS STRONG!

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