Southlands Spotlight: Mary Sheriff

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    Southlands Spotlight: Mary Sheriff

    Southlands Spotlight: Mary Sheriff

    words by: Matthew Herrera     photo courtesy of: Mary Sheriff

    On this week’s Southlands Spotlight, we would like to go ahead and highlight the famous Mrs. Sheriff!

    You might know her as your former teacher or principal or your current student leadership director. Regardless of the title you know her by, it is obvious that she has a passion for people. It is very rare to pass by Mrs. Sheriff and not be impacted in some shape or form.

    She was introduced to our school by a family friend. That was the start of a new chapter for not only her kids, but her whole family.

    When asked what she loves about SCS, she shared that the staff and amazing friendships she’s made are some of the beautiful things about the school. What she loves about this school lines up with what she’s known for. She’s known for being caring, encouraging, and confident. She’s also known as “mom” to many of the students here on campus.

    She explained to us that she loves seeing our alumni come to visit. It reminds her of how special Southlands really is, and how impactful we are.

    As mentioned earlier, she’s known for having so much confidence, and after a couple of moments it is safe to say that Philippians 4:6-7 might explain why she exerts so much positivity. That scripture is one that holds a close place in her heart, and we see it when she says that it allows her to walk confidently in peace no matter how serious her problems may be.

    If you see Mrs. Sheriff on campus, get ready to feel loved. 🙂

    And as always, stay Southlands Strong

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