Southlands Spotlight: Laura Browder

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    This week’s Southland Spotlight is about a passionate coach who is changing not only her team, but the whole school! We want to spotlight Coach Laura Browder! She found the SCS family through her friend, who recommended Southlands to her.

    When speaking about Southlands, she mentioned that it was initially a job on a smaller scale, but it became something so much greater than what she expected.

    She’s passionate about coaching, and it’s quite evident in the way she interacts with her team. Her passion is even bigger than coaching. She has brought many great additions to the athletic department.

    Having a workplace where you feel comfortable and safe allows for the passion to come out, and we see it in Coach Laura’s work. She gets along with everyone she works with and brags about how amazing our staff is.

    She is known for being uplifting and positive, and we see why when we realized her favorite verse was Romans 12:11. This specific verse serves as an encouragement to continue having zeal when it comes to serving God.

    If you see her on campus, buy her an ice-cream! That’s her favorite dessert.

    As always, stay Southlands Strong!

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