Southlands Spotlight: Senior Adoption

Southlands Christian High School is all about student leadership and taking initiative. This month’s spotlight is on our Senior Adoption fundraiser! Senior Adoption is when our 7th – 11th grade classmen have the opportunity to adopt a senior for a day to offset the cost of their annual prom. This enables students to enjoy one of their last memorable high school events at low cost. This event is student-led from the planning to the implementation. They are in charge of decorating, picking student speakers to be used throughout the event, and the whole agenda. This gives our students a good sense of confidence as they see their ideas and hard work pay off during and after this activity. It is also a real world application to what they’ve learned in developing leadership skills.

Once the adoption day takes place, a second day is planned in which every senior unites with his/her sponsor for a day. “Senior Family Day” is set aside so that the senior accompanies his/her brother or sister to their classes, lunch, etc. It’s great to see our students take ownership of this fundraiser as it teaches them about organizing an event, speaking in public, and keeping a large group of people united. Every year, our entire campus looks forward to this day.

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Celine Sino-Cruz