Southlands Spotlight: TEDx

Southlands Spotlight TEDx

We are sure you’ve heard of TED Talks. If you haven’t heard of this organization don’t worry. TED Talks is an organization that pushes the idea of innovation and communication through presentations/speeches. Southlands Christian Schools is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s leaders today. With that in mind, we believe in exploring every avenue to better equip our students to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. A crucial part of being successful in any field is being able to present new ideas, and communicating those ideas well. 

Starting off the new year with a great start as we have now been approved to be a TEDx youth event school, which means we have the ability to host these amazing events on our campus. This will give us the opportunity to have our students take lead and speak on important matters, but also do it with a high level of excellence. We have received inquiries from individuals outside of our school that want to participate in our first event as speakers. You can expect our first event to be in the Fall of 2020. We will make sure to have all of our Southlands family updated with times and dates. We are truly excited about this new chapter as we push students to do better and achieve more. 

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Celine Sino-Cruz