Southlands Spotlight: Xander Xu

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    Our spotlight this week is a special one for sure! The Southlands Spotlight is meant to highlight individuals who have impacted the SCS family in a positive way.

    With that in mind, we would love to highlight SCS Senior, Xander Xu. He found this family by a friend’s recommendation. Xander never expected to end up at the same high school as his childhood friend!

    After being at Southlands, he began to realize key things that made our school unique. One of these key factors would be that all the teachers and administrators are always open to helping/talking with the students. Xander appreciates that you can go to teachers about troubles in school and life advice as well.

    One of his favorite memories he has as a student comes from this last spring concert. His whole body began to tremble while he was singing, because of the inconceivable feeling he experienced through music and God’s power.

    He’s known by staff and his peers for being genuine, a great leader, loving and respectful. A great transformation took place in his life after joining our ASB team. He went from being shy, to being a bold leader and being our ASB president for the 2018-2019 school year.

    The one piece of advice that he would love to leave to all new students is to never hesitate to ask for help from anyone on campus.


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