Southlands Spotlight: Francesca Koch

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    Southlands Spotlight: Francesca Koch

    Southlands Spotlight: Francesca Koch

    There is no age requirement when it comes to being an amazing student, and that’s the mentality Francesca Koch carries in her daily life. We want to take some time to highlight Frankie!

    She is currently in the 8th grade, but has been at Southlands since preschool. When people think of Frankie, they think of someone who immerses herself into whatever environment she’s in. She has taken part in volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball.

    Growing up at Southlands has allowed her to really see the value and opportunity each student has by being able to learn about the Bible in a classroom setting.

    Apart from that, Frankie shared that God’s love can be seen on campus whenever students laugh, or invite her to play basketball. She sees that His love is shown through very simple acts of kindness.

    The advice she would give to incoming middle-schoolers would be to balance your time, never procrastinate, and to never put all your books in your backpack.

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