Meet Our Staff: Mrs. Rosie Pack

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    Certain words remind you of certain people, and the word “generous” reminds us of this month’s featured staff member! It is our pleasure to present Mrs. Rosie Pack, our High School Principal.

    She has been part of the best private school in Southern California for 20 years, and we have loved every minute of it. She has made her rounds through different grade levels at Southlands. Mrs. Pack has been a teacher for both 4th and 5th grade, middle school and high school as well. On top of that, she was also our Middle School Principal before acquiring her current position as High School Principal.

    Earlier, we mentioned that the word “generous” reminds us of Mrs. Pack. She makes sure that our High School community is taken care of by celebrating their birthdays, academic achievements, and even supporting all of our sports teams. Some principals hardly show their faces to their student body, but Mrs. Pack makes an effort to be part of everything on campus. 

    Being involved in your student body means you get to share God’s love, and experience it first-hand as well. Mrs. Pack recalls praying for months over a student who was going through some difficult times at home. This student’s circumstances affected his academics, his behavior, and his overall life. After being diligent in prayer, there was a breakthrough in that student. That student began to excel in all his classes and came back to share that God had transformed his life. God didn’t stop there, because the student also shared that his family situation was touched by God too. 

    The funniest memories she has on-campus always take place on Senior Servant Day. She loves all the funny costumes and great school spirit that takes place on this day. All the fun activities are the cherry on top for her. 

    You may hear a lot of people say, “Stay Southlands Strong”, but for Mrs. Pack, it means to uphold, “the values and beliefs that we hold to be important at the cusp of all we do.” It’s also something we, as a team, take pride in and it connects each of us here-staff, students, families, and our community.


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    Celine Sino-Cruz