Southlands Spotlight: Mr. Glenn Duncan

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    This weekend holds a special day, and that special day is about someone who is dear to everyone at Southlands. For this surprise spotlight, we would love to wish a very happy birthday to our very own Mr. Glenn Duncan.

    Mr. Duncan came to the Southlands family in June of 2004 as the President of Schools. 15 years later, he continues to lead our school with God in his heart. Being able to have the right people working in their gifting here on campus is what brings Mr. Duncan delight, and that’s what makes him such an amazing leader. Both he and his wife love hosting the weekly administration prayer meeting because it is a moment where God is directly invited to intervene in all of the planning and decision making that takes place on campus. They pray for each department because they know the importance and power of prayer.

    If you spend any time on campus, you would know that Mr. Duncan loves to play, coach and cheer on every kickball game that takes place at 7:30 in the morning. He sees it as a time of building up our eagles with encouraging words while teaching them good sportsmanship. But his all-time favorite event on campus has to be the day of our all-school water baptism. The whole school comes out to see this amazing event, and Mr. Duncan gets the privilege of baptizing these students!

    Southlands is special to Mr. Duncan because he knows this is where God wants him to be. He felt the Holy Spirit leading him here, and that’s exactly what he did. He took a chance, and he is so proud of what God has done, is doing, and will do with this school.

    We asked his wife (Mrs. Holly Duncan) to share what she admires most about her husband, and she expressed how easy that was to answer. She loves, “His integrity; his generosity; his encouraging nature; and his humility and fear of the Lord.”

    Make sure to wish Mr. Duncan a very happy birthday, and make sure to stay Southlands Strong.

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