Southlands Spotlight: Spiritual Impact Week

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    Southlands Christian Schools is known for being one of the top private schools in LA County.

    We compete with some of the best private schools in the area because of our high academics. When we take a look at our school’s name we see the word, “Christian”. That word indicates that we, as an educational institution, not only strive to develop bright students but to develop tomorrow’s leaders through teaching The Word of God. This month, we would like to highlight our SpiritualImpact week led by Mrs. Holly Duncan and Mrs. Ashley Park. 


    Spiritual Impact Week features chapel every day, which includes powerful worship.

    The teaching focuses on presenting who God is, along with an explanation of salvation. We believe children are able to come to Christ at their young age, and we go by 1 Timothy 4:12, which encourages children to not let others look down upon them because of their age. It goes on by instructing our children to set a good example in what they say, how they live, love and in their faith. Being able to experience worship is a wonder as well. Worship is filled with students who have no worries and want to just praise God for who He is. As mentioned earlier, Southlands’ goal is to build up tomorrow’s leaders, which is why we see this week as a very important time for our students. 

    This week helps set the culture and tone for the rest of the school year. Looking at the impact that this has had on our student body is breathtaking. We see a difference. Our students’ faith has been instilled or reinforced and we see a change in their overall performance. These are our future leaders declaring that they want to live for our Heavenly Father. 

    Next time you hear about Spiritual Impact Week, make sure to stop by for a dynamic worship experience and to hear a powerful word.

    As always, stay Southlands Strong!

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